Is your romance written in the stars?

Find out about the strengths and potential weaknesses in your relationship....

Give the dates of birth of yourself and your partner & find out just how compatible you really are.

Ideal gift for friends, family, etc

Your starmatch folder will include personality profiles, love number analysis and astrological information.

Send your name name, address, date of birth along with a £15 cheque made payable to 'Kate Kajo':-

Kate Kajo
65 Streetsbrook Road
West Midlands
B90 3PD

Please allow 21 days of delivery

Crystal Gazer & Trance Medium

Kate also uses the CRYSTAL BALL and her knowledge of Astrology to predict future events

Contact Kate

Telephone: 0121 745 1975

Mobile: 07885514518

Outside England: 00 44 121 745 1975