Palmistry and Tarot Parties

Palmistry and tarot parties.
(private parties in your own home, hen parties, functions of all kinds)

So what do all the lines and shapes mean? What do the tarot cards predict?

Parties are tailored to your own requirements. Guests can pay separately or a one off fee is charged and then all readings are free to participants.

A palm reading can show you how to make the choices for your future; providing you with reassurance should you decide to follow a new path.

The guidance of the tarot is invaluable and can show you how best to go forward in difficult times or with love choices.

A quiet area for readings is best.

If you wish - a demonstration can be given prior to beginning inividual readings.

We are based in the midlands area but are happy to travel further afield for larger bookings. We can cater for groups from 5 people to 200.

Please contact Kate on:
Telephone: 0121 745 1975

Mobile: 07885514518


Consultations are treated with the utmost confidentiality and contrary to popular belief - a short life line is not ominous. "Your destiny is what you make it, it is up to you to bring about change; a readng can help you find your way."

Crystal Gazer & Trance Medium

Kate also uses the CRYSTAL BALL and her knowledge of Astrology to predict future events

Contact Kate

Telephone: 0121 745 1975

Mobile: 07885514518

Outside England: 00 44 121 745 1975